Friday, April 20, 2012

Of a Kind Roadshow- The way I like it!

I love NY sample sales,  up-and-coming designers,  local designers and thus, the 'Of A Kind roadshow'-sample sale- held in obviously the city of New York, was something I was looking forward to!

I did not know what to expect at a "sample sale" featuring 30 different designers but I knew it would be lots of fun and that there would be a lot of unique non-mass produced things..things that were made with love. The way I like it!

Big lofty location

Of course, I wasn't familiar with any of the 30 brands/designers that were present except for some (eg. Erica Knight, SFK, Cold Picnic, Elizabeth Knight ) I've seen at different flea markets , pop-up street fairs or simply learnt about through I think one of the ideas of this sale is to probably give a chance for clients to meet the designers since some of them were on-site to sell their goodies.

What is featured on ofakind is different designers will create a special limited edition piece to sell just for the website. I've seen some really gorgeous pieces so it was simply great to be able to see what other things these designers have to offer! It is too bad they couldn't get all of the designers they ever featured but maybe in an upcoming roadshow, they will double the number of vendors!

There were lots of gorgeous soft silky frocks from multiple designers...

So many fresh and bright colors for Spring and Summer

Organic looking leather bags

Handmade camera straps

Cool looking jewelry for all tastes

I'm glad I got there the first day since it seems like the small sizes were gone for most of the pieces I had my eyes on and some vendors seem to not have any more in stock. What you see is what they have!

The only thing I regret is not being able to spend more money! Anyway, I purchased two pieces that I absolutely adore.

I got this Timo Weiland dress from Fall 2011 retailing at over $500 for 80% off. I never heard of Timo Weiland before (maybe read about in blogs but not memorable) and also found out later that the brand is sold at Saks, Barneys, Shopbop and more online outlets. The cocktail dress I picked had a minor snag but the sales guy promised he would ask the designer how to fix it and maybe give me a discount! It was the last dress and size and they didn't carry it anymore so I had no other choice. It's not that obvious on black!

My second piece:
Andy Lifschutz's Gaia crystal earrings made from 100% reclaimed bronze formation! They are cast from a real grown in nature crystal the artist and a friend found on a road trip together in New Mexico.

The original crystal the earrings were inspired from- Photo from
Arent't they gorgeous? They were almost 20% off. I tried to bargain with Andy himself but that didn't work out however, I can see how passionate he is about jewelry making and the pieces he creates and how it would be impossible to drive prices too low. I totally understand. Truly an artist.

Bling Bling

Note: He made a special 40 of a kind edition for which was made with rose silver and sold out quickly! They were $98 so I didn't snatch them up myself however, seeing the earrings in person, I was immediately drawn to them.

I hope organizes these roadshows more often! 

That's all folks, have a great weekend!



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