Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spring cleaning..selling my Yves St Laurent Touche Éclat!

Travel Duo Set
Wondering why I'm selling a $40 best seller product? I'm selling the second tube that came in a travel duo set I bought at an airport in Beijing or Hong Kong, I forget. I think the duo set made each tube cost less than $30..again, I forget but it was a deal so I got two. This was about three years ago, it should be good unopened up to 5 years right? or I just made that up in my mind.

The reason I'm selling this is because I don't even use my Touche Éclat anymore. Just another one of those hype product that blogs and magazines lured me to try and then end up being disappointed at the results but continue using it because you don't want to waste it and convincing myself it's a good product because everyone else says so I know better now (nope, not really)! It didn't conceal well but it did give a nice glow I liked.

Now, I use Laura Mercier Secret Concealer and love it as it gives me a nice coverage, hydrating and instantly makes me look "fresh". Before that, I used stick concealer from Smashbox concurrently with the Touche D'eclat to give the coverage and glow.

I suspect this pot will last me a decade

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