Monday, April 30, 2012

Volunteering with GrowNYC at the Bronx Zoo!

Volunteering with GrownNYC at the 'Run For the Wild' at the Bronx zoo was a rewarding experience even if we had to wake up at 5 a.m. to get to the zoo on time. Also, I learned a thing or two about recycling myself in NY while trying to educate others since different states accept different types of recyclables. Did you know you can't really recycle yogurt cups since they are a 'rigid' plastic but you can bring them to stores like Whole Foods who will accept them? Recycling can get quite confusing but you just have to learn about it and recycle efficiently for a better cleaner greener planet! The best part of volunteering that day was to see all the drink bottles being recycled instead of being trashed. There were over 5200 runners/joggers/walkers that day so there were alot of bottles being recycled!

Another perk of volunteering that day was free access to the zoo afterward. I like animals but I don't like seeing animals in zoos. It's sadness all around for me. However, I just got to believe that the Wildlife Conservatory Society who run the 5 zoos in NY have the best intentions on educating the public about the importance of protecting these animals by donating or making small changes in their daily life that can protect the future of our planet and the animals we share it with.

Snapshots time:

Dave holding up a sign

Seal feeding time

Peacocks run freely throughout the zoo

I hate zoos for a reason. They look soooo bored.

The Egyptian cobra that got misplaced last year and started tweeting

Three brown grizzlies. There was a fourth stuck in a ditch.

Does he miss his friends in China?

Totoro visits zoo too
Favorite place in the zoo. The African plains. Can you see the lions?

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