Sunday, April 22, 2012

We went to the Nickelback concert to see BUSH !

So here is a video of Bush playing 'Glycerine' and some pics!
I checked the crowd, Gwennie and kids were not present I don't think.

First off, we got free tickets to the Nickelback concert at Madison Square Garden so we were able to just go and leave as we please without feeling too guilty..Even though the tickets were free, we weren't sure if we wanted to see a Nickelback concert until... we found out that Bush was opening for them (along with two other rock groups we have never heard of) and decided that we wanted to go see the show! However, we left right after Bush performed, before Nickelback even started. I feel slightly bad but the only song I wanted to hear from Nickelback - You Remind Me- was set to be played near the end of the show and I just didn't want to sit through the entire thing while the bf had no desire to stay at all. 

Set list for Bush at MSG April 19th 2012:
1. Machine heads
2. The Sounds of Winter
3. Everything Zen
4. The Chemicals Between us
5. Come Together (Beatles Cover)

6. Little Things
7. Glycerine
8. Comedown

It was interesting to see how many different songs from Bush Dave and I knew and I realized that most of the songs he knew, I was not familiar with.  When D did some research, we realized that some songs that made it to the top of the charts in the US never really made it in Canada and vice versa.  For example, Dave has never heard of 'Swallowed' but it was much played on Much Music in Canada right? It would be interesting to see if the set list changes during his performances in Canada targeting le Canadians audience :)


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