Sunday, April 15, 2012

Why is Spring cleaning Oh So Hard!?!

I don't like to throw away good clothes even if it hasn't be worn for years! The only way I can throw clothes in the garbage or donate is if it's torn, permanently stained, discolored or too darn small (or big but I haven't lost weight in years!).

For my used clothes that are in good condition, it is easier to part with them if my sister accepts to adopt them or else I still keep them in a stash unworn, in the closet never to be worn again and even wasting space by bringing them around from country to country as I have moved two times in the past 4 years. And then there's ebay...It's always nice to try to make some extra cash off things I am willing to discard..Even $1 is better than $0 right?

Here are two items I am currently going to say goodbye to:

There's this one L.A.M.B. 100% cashmere hoodie I purchased back in 2006 and I  believe it's from Gwen's first Fall collection back in 2005. I wore it maybe once and just thought it didn't suit me and never found a chance to wear it neither.

And Jewelmint's Rachel Rose earrings which were part of a mystery bag set which I hated both pieces in the bag including this one.

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