Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Shoes shoes first Shoemint purchase [Kathryn]

Aren't these the perfect shoes to wear to a summer wedding?
Pastel pink pumps

I thought I'd try these out as they are 100% leather and are as affordable as Aldo shoes. These are what I consider "safe" shoes as they can be worn with any outfit and surely become a closet staple. 

I used a promo code to get 20% off my first pair (I get $16 off the price of $79.98). I would have preferred nude pumps but that color in the 'Veronique' style were sold out in all sizes so I settled for these pink 'Kathryn'. Kathryns came in a nude color also but I don't think they looked nice in a patent leather. 

 Kathryn in pink

According to some reviews, these leather pumps are super soft and comfortable so I hope they'll fit me well too. 

If you have wide feet, I wouldn't recommend this model. I had a hard time getting my feet in but eventually I stretched it out a little more and manage to fit my feet but it looks like my feet cannot fit. As you can see, the front part is very narrow so your feet are not fully covered. Other than that, they are soft and feel nice to wear. The height is perfect and make your legs look toned and longer.

Second update: I tried to wear these for a wedding and could not walk in them. They slide off my heels and I trip all over the place. I need to get heel cushions to make sure they fit properly. Sighs.

These shoes give major toe cleavage so if you like that, then you'll like these.

Shoemint shoes are designed and made by Steve Madden so there is somewhat of a quality to the shoes and won't fall apart too quickly. They are all made in China anyway.  For each pair of shoes on the site, they will note a price comparison with shoes of similar style, material and quality. They claim this style can sell for up at $169.99.  

My sister made a purchase too and got these cool Citron colored shoes in the Veronique style!

Veronique in Citron

Now,  I'm thinking of returning the Michael Kors heels I bought off Shopbop for something more "safe" and practical. But I'm always about practicality so that is why I decided to go with a pair I would never think of buying/wearing. I'm keeping them just for that fact alone which may or may not be a good reason. I can barely walk in them but I have long lost my ways with wearing heels nowadays.

I find they look better in pictures then in person. Hmmm..I have 5 days to decide if I want to return them and then dread about having to find another pair of shoes. I feel like I should go to Miami with them...

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1 dress: 3 weddings ?!?

This question from a reader on Shoptalk (Shopbop's blog) could have very well come from me but it wasn't!

"I am going to three weddings this summer, and I’d love to make the same dress work for all of them. Any advice to make each look different?"

Too bad I'm not a fan of this fluttery mint green dress from Rebecca Taylor and for that price. Should I challenge myself to make ONE dress work for THREE weddings happening all within a 3 week span? Too close for comfort right? I was thinking more of the same pair of shoes for three different dresses though! I'd hate to see myself in three different fb wedding albums wearing the same dress. People will think I went to a wedding mashup...or not. blog

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A hot beachy afternoon at Rockaway beach!

If you ask most Americans what they are up to for Memorial day weekend, it will usually be something involving BBQ, BBQ, BBQ and then possibly pool, house parties, beaches, shopping sales and picnics in parks.

This weekend, I spent Saturday and Sunday with my friends from Montreal who were in town to shop, eat and dance salsa. They left on Sunday though because they had to return to work on Monday while I get to enjoy an extra day off.

On Monday, D and I had lunch at his parents and decided to borrow their car to check out Far Rockaway beach in New York.

The smell of the salty ocean filled the air

 It's a 35 minutes drive to Rockaway from Williamsburg (About an hour + train ride on the A train/S shuttle from Manhattan).Rockaway beach just underwent lots of renovations. This year, it has been revamped with new restaurants serving artisanal snacks and food. A new boardwalk, skate park, handball courts and swing sets gives kids and adults some entertainment in this desolate beach. We didn't get to enjoy the beach because we did not expect it to be nice so we did not bring any beach gears including our bathing suit. I did bring a bikini top to wear since it was boiling hot out. I had low expectations of the beach as I was told that it was dirty and expected something nasty like the tourist infested beach at Coney Islands. However, D read about the new "hipster" restos that opened including Blue Bottle coffee and so we thought we'd check out the food.

Treat yourself...$4 fries.

Parking was a little difficult to find but it was a holiday after all and we were there around 3 p.m. To my surprise, the beach looked nice. The sand was white and looked clean. There were lifeguards, lots of cops and packed with people. I don't know how bad the beach was before but I believe the renovations have been fruitful and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and when there was a little bit of trouble, ten cops surrendered a group of kids who were then kicked out for whatever thing they have done. So, I assume it's safe.

Cops got your back!

We walked for a couple of hours but it seemed endless since the beach front stretches for miles and miles and apparently there's a gay beach too!

"Sir, can I hold your kite?" -Yes, only if you don't let go. "No I won't" -Ok. Hold it, don't let go. I'll go to the bathroom. I'll be back. "..."

I got to fly the longest kite I have ever seen! It was so long that you had to squint to find it.

Thank god for bikinis on a hot hot hot day

After the beach, we drove to NY's fourth biggest Chinatown in Elhmurst, Queens and did some grocery shopping and drank some bubble tea! The end!

Memorial day weekend: Three Montreal girls in New York city!

At the High Line

I have known X and H for almost a decade now and they are still as vibrant and energetic as the first time I met them back in cegep. We all grew up and attended school in Montreal but now, we find ourselves in three different cities. H is happily settled in Montreal with a great job and amazing house while X also works a good job and just building a new life in Toronto. Happy.
At the high line
Spending time with these girls has reminded me once again to grab life opportunities by the balls and take advantage and enjoy everything life throws at you. These two certainly have taken control of their lives and seem to be content in every aspect of life. It is contagious and I'm glad to know them and call them my friends. When they planned a trip to NY to celebrate both their birthdays, I was gleeful and could not wait to find out their plans so I can tag along. They were here for the city but also for discovering the salsa culture New York has to offer. I did not attend the salsa meet-ups they went to or stay out every night dancing until the wee hours (4 a.m.!). but together, we did visit the High Line park, check out Williamsburg eats and shops, eat ramen at Momofuku noodle bar, watch Hanyue street salsa at the Loisaidas street festival and finally, eat cupcakes at Sugar Sweet Sunshine. All these things I've done before but it's better with enthusiastic friends for sure!

Artichoke's Staten Island pizza

Full pizza
Putting my pole dancing classes to "good" use.. on subway train.

By the Waterfront after checking out Smorgasburg
Looking for treasures at Beacon's closet
Street festival - Loisaidas festival
Street salsa dancing
Birthday cupcakes at Sugar Sweet Sunshine
Last hours in NY, loving the shoes!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial weekend bubbly...

I bought this two years ago on a trip to Napa Valley. This was a vineyard exclusive bottle so you cannot buy this outside Mumm. I have been saving it for some special occasion but Sunday night of the Memorial day long weekday, trapped in our apartment from weekend rain and no possible sleep with bangin' music from neighborly parties, we decided to open it.

*I bought this shirt for Dave in Beijing

Momofuku Noodle Bar in NYc -second try

Last time I was at Momofuku noodle bar, Dave and I just had the ramen but this time, just three hungry girls, we tried more! The pork buns are a must! Ramen wise, Totto ramen and Santouka ramen (Mitsuwa) are still my top ramen choices in NY :)

Pork buns were delicious!
Chicken wings 
Mushroom spinash entree

Momofuku ramen

Friday, May 25, 2012

Wildlife encounters on Fire Island

Fire Island New York deer
Last year, on a beach trip on Fire island in NY, we met a local. I heard "wild" deers inhabited the island but I never imagined meeting one strolling around a crowded beach. He was happily eating chips and sandwiches from visiting beach fans... That was a nice day at the beach..I'd like to do that again.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A nice morning stroll in Chelsea and Meatpacking with me, myself and I...

When Dave's got something to do on his own, I like to take the opportunity to indulge myself in some alone time and it could be staying home catching up on my feeds, painting my toe nails, dancing in the living room, going out shopping and strolling around, cooking and eating whatever I like etc. It must be the remnant behaviors and desires from days I used to live by myself where I was free to do whatever whenever! But sometimes, I must admit, it's more fun having him around because he's just so funny. During my day out alone, while contemplating about getting a cupcake or not, I texted him: "Ooh Cupcake! but it's more fun with you around judging me (while eating) so no, I won't get one".When Dave had a really early dentist's appointment in Jersey on a Saturday morning, I woke up earlier than usual with plans to go to Chelsea/Meatpacking and then the Met museum (which I didn't end up going).

I first checked out a designer sale at some small crampy apartment on 23rd btw 9th and 10 avenue - 6 girls unloading their closets full of designer clothes to the public. Gucci, Dolce, Rag and Bone, Chloe, A.L.C, Manolos, you name it! Cheap prices with pieces starting at $10 but c'mon, please dry clean or remove those stains before trying to sell them? I was mostly looking at the small selection of accessories because I don't know how I feel about sharing clothing with strangers yet.

I've never seen the High line's observation deck from down here before.

Chelsea market now also has an 'Artist and Fleas' market (Original one is in Williamsburg near the water front). I don't know if it's permanent or not but it feels bigger, brighter and more airy than the one in Williamsburg. Flea market authenticity? ...not so great. Good place to pick up some last minute gifts though!

I wanted something light to eat but this was definitely not that at all. This sushi place at the Lobster Place is really popular but I'm not sure why. I guess mostly with tourists. The makis are tasteless and it's not my first time eating there but I just keep going back for some reason. I think they had just finished preparing them and it seemed fresh. I had to soak each piece entirely in soy sauce (light!) to be able to swallow it.

I was having a small sweet craving so I stopped by Amy's bread.

Instead of a cupcake, I got a chocolatine. mmm.

Instead of a cup of latte which is what I would normally get, I got a bottle of Ronnybrooke's milk coffee instead. Too sweet for me but went well with my chocolatine.
I spent some time checking out the new but mostly old stores at the Meatpacking as many stores have famously moved out of the dying shopping area. I only went to Anthropologie in Chelsea market, the Sephora store to apply some sun lotion, the Scoop sale section in the basement of the store and spent $0.

A Corgi on my way home- worth a picture because Corgis are just so darn cute!

Scratch and sniff doesn't work here..but this sure smells nice!

Shopbop sale going on now until Wednesday!

I have been perusing Shopbop, Piperlime and various websites these couple of days to find dresses and shoes for three upcoming weddings this summer. So I really only need one new dress and a pair of shoes...

On shopbop, I used their useful feature 'My hearts' on all the pieces I was considering and like Pinterest, had them all in one page to view and ponder on my choices.

Low and behold, Shopstyle announces a Shopbop sale this morning and I thought it was a sign..a sign to buy NOW! Sizes tend to run out quickly so it's best not to wait and buy.

It's nice that there are free returns to try things out and return them if you don't like but still keeping the savings on the other items you keep. Buy more, save more and decide later :)

Savings start at 20% if you spend $250 and more up to 27% if you $1500 and more.

Here were my hearts:

Michael Kors two toned sandals.

Diane Von Furstenberg dress. Viscose and silk.
The Newbury boots are out in a different color! At 25% off with all sizes available, you can't miss out. The next time there will be a sale on these is when sizes for petite or big foot are left.

Happy shopping!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Keiko wears: Sunday stroll to the grocery store and back...yawn!

It was such a beautiful breezy sunny weekend.

We were out the whole day on Saturday for The Googa Mooga festival but didn't take advantage of the weather at all on Sunday. We did step out for an hour for some grocery shopping which consisted of walking a couple of blocks to hop on the train and then crossing the street to Trader Joe's. I also wanted to finish reading articles and finish a powerpoint presentation due very soon. I did take a yoga class so that the day didn't feel wasted but really wished I could have been out and about. Now to think of it, I didn't even finish my presentation so maybe I should have just gone out anyway!

Tank top: Hometown Heroes- Urban outfitters
Shorts: Comptoir des Cotonniers
Cardgian: Underligne by Doo.ri
Bag: My 'take everywhere I go' m0851 weekender bag
Shoes: I can walk in my Birkenstocks all day. I'm in need of a pedicure. I booked my first appointment of the year with a Groupon on Thursday. Doing a pedi/mani once a year is totally not enough!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

nykeiko eats: Snapshots of Googa Mooga 2012: First year, day one!

My snap shots from Googa Mooga in Prospect Park on Saturday May 19th. This is a great unique event and hope next year will be better. Sure the lines were long but they were worth the wait. The food was delicious and since we didn't drink any wine or beer, we didn't experience whatever fiasco happened earlier on.

-Don't go there super hungry or you'll be pissed waiting in line.
-No need to go to the first ID line by the entrance which was crazy long. There's a guy checking IDs and giving out red bracelets at some of the beverage stands. 0 mins wait.
-Bring a picnic blanket.
-Bring lots of cash. Shit ain't cheap at all. You'll see, I posted the price of the stuff we bought.
-Go early. Some popular places sold out early in the afternoon.
-Go with a group of friends where everyone can take turn waiting in different lines and buy for one another to save time. Some lines were an hour long but some were decent! 

First sight: Discouraging long ass lines
First stop: Hill country BBQ Market tacos. Stood in the wrong line for ten minutes.
The wait was about 20-30 minutes? The Cold brew iced coffee had no wait so I got a $4 cold brew coffee. Expensive but iced drink on hot day is priceless.
Brisket taco. 1 for $8 or 2 for $12. We got 4 cuz we were hungry and also to get for friends.

In line,..again.

Second stop: Frankie's sausage peppers and polento.$10 a bowl.
The wait was about 15 minutes.
It was more effective to have two different people stand in line for different vendors
The wait was about 20 minutes.
Crawfish pasta $10 each

Blue Ribbon fried chicken $10
The line was 45-60 mins for  the Blue Ribbon fried chicken. Dave got a lemon ginger drink from Jean Georges for $5.

We had a picnic blankie so it was nice to chill on the grass and eat and then enjoying the music...
The Roots! Classic!

Live concert from The Roots!

Sea of peeps

Deserts were sold out early
There were a couple of places I wanted to try but was discouraged from the line ups. I'll try Big Gay ice cream another time.

After Googa Mooga, we had more food at DuMont burger in Williamsburg. The wait was shorter here.
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