Wednesday, May 30, 2012

1 dress: 3 weddings ?!?

This question from a reader on Shoptalk (Shopbop's blog) could have very well come from me but it wasn't!

"I am going to three weddings this summer, and I’d love to make the same dress work for all of them. Any advice to make each look different?"

Too bad I'm not a fan of this fluttery mint green dress from Rebecca Taylor and for that price. Should I challenge myself to make ONE dress work for THREE weddings happening all within a 3 week span? Too close for comfort right? I was thinking more of the same pair of shoes for three different dresses though! I'd hate to see myself in three different fb wedding albums wearing the same dress. People will think I went to a wedding mashup...or not. blog


  1. 3 weddings in a span of 3 weeks? Before social media I would say you probably could have used the same dress with different accessories. Now it's kinda of hard. One major question is: is it the same guest at each wedding? even then it's a long shot. Prime example, CW and I went to 1 wedding, a month later we wore both guest at another. CW repeated one of the dresses(both had different guest) at each wedding. But thanks to the power of fb and ppl posting pictures someone noticed she had the same dress on. Which from an Asian prospective you know is a huge No no. So my vote is to opt for 2-3 different dresses. But that's only because I only looking at this from an Asian prospective.

    1. I think there are different guests but two are same family but on different sides...but yea, mostly social media problem. My friend said to just untag myself but that's not fun.