Saturday, May 5, 2012

A.P.C. overstock sale and All Saints sample sale [NY Sample sale] in Brooklyn and Manhattan

Not like I am revealing any secrets here but I do not recommended going to sample sales on day 2 unless there is guaranteed restocking of all stocks which rarely or ever happens.

At the A.P.C. sale
Dollars spent: $40 although contemplating resale on ebay. $45 for him.

Bag selection leftovers
There were no more leather goods, bags, pouches, wallets or any other accessories indicated on the price list. Jewelry were $15 but they were almost all gone except for 4 bracelets and tacky necklace. They were not even displayed until I asked a sales rep about them and she took a shoe box with the leftovers. There was a lot of clothes but sizes S and M were sparse and I still managed to find nice fitting pants which were very well stocked.

I saw this hat at last year's sale.

The only shoe I found in my size and considered getting. A $40 strappy sandal originally $160.
You can take the collar off the shirt for 2 looks in 1.
I try to go to sample sales early on the first day or don't bother at all. I really wanted to check out the A.P.C. sale which started on a Friday morning but I couldn't get out of some seminars and meetings and it was all the way in downtown Brooklyn. So I went on Saturday morning anyway hoping for some good leftovers. D got one of his fav jacket when I dragged him to last year's sale so this year, he was super cooperative in joining me to the sale and once more, ends up spending more than me although on one piece and $5 more. You know, it's just better to be two at a sample sale- especially when someone's there to hold my bag while I try on outfits and also take pictures of me on my phone to help me decide on a piece. However, D's not so good at telling me if a piece is worth buying or not so I got to weigh that decision on my own although sometimes, his reactions does help. Grossed-out face = definitive NO.

At the All Saints sample sale
Dollars spent: $0. Dollars wanted to spend: $300.

This sequin black dress was originally $495? Down to $160 I think.
This sequin skirt was originally $395 now down to $119. I think.

The All Saints sale started on Thursday so two days passed before I got to take a peek and apparently there were two crazy days. Things seem to be cool on Saturday though and the check out line wasn't as hectic as they said it would be. It's a sign the good stuff's gone too I guess.

I didn't see many things that I liked but there were many promising pieces and sizes were available for most pieces but mostly over UK size 10-12 and up which is US size 6 and up. There were a few pieces I was contemplating since at 70% off, everything must be considered.

The tie around wrap "dress" I almost got but did not end up getting.  It was $59 down from $195. It was slightly too big at size UK 10 (US size 6) and really confusing to put on.When I left, there were were only 2 left but saw 5 when I got there. I met about 3 girls trying to figure out the wrap and only one sales person knew how to. 

Next time around, I hope A.P.C. sale starts on a Saturday and I don't mind waiting in line for an hour but at least Ill be there and get first dibs on stuff.

At last year's sale I got a skirt and this bracelet. 

 More shopping went on whilst we were in Soho (dollars spent: $0) where we met Ernest Alexander at his flagship shop and spotted Mario Batali in Greenwich/West Village. Click here.
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