Thursday, May 3, 2012

Don't cry for me Argentinaaaa- is what I've been singing since seeing Evita on Broadway with Ricky Martin

My dear friend from Montreal was in town and had an extra ticket for me to watch 'Evita' at Marquis theater by Times Square. I enjoyed the show very much as everything was new and fresh for me! I have never seen the movie before so I didn't know the music (except for the obvious song), the story line nor the life of Eva Perron. -"She was an actress?! She died ..of what?! Her real hair color isn't blonde?! She was wife of the president?!".

It was beautiful when Evita stood off the balcony wearing a dazzling white dress to sing 'Don't cry for me Argentina' and I highly enjoyed all the dancing and the stage decors. Some songs were bleh and we laughed a little because Argentinian Elena Roger who played Evita, had this strong accent and we couldn't really understand everything she was singing sometimes. She reminded us of Sofia Vergara! The star of the show was obviously international pop icon Ricky Martin who took the stage as Che. Oh I miss his songs..."She bangs! She bangs!". He not doubt did a lot of singing (in perfect English!) but not so much in the dancing department which is too bad! We did see some butt rocking action and his shirt was tight! dun dunnn....

After the show

Waited 5 minutes in line to take a picture with the POSTER only!
Thanks Mic XXX

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