Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The first annual Googa Mooga festival at Prospect Park

Update: See my post here with pics of the first day at Googa Mooga.

I'm quite excited about Googa Mooga but don't want to overhype it for myself. Many of our favorite food vendors and restaurants we have tried in the city will be there all in one place so I don't see anything that could be wrong except not having space in my belly to try everything in sight I guess.

Should I starve myself before the event and bring lotsa cash to fill up my belly?
By now, most New Yorkers have heard about this great festival bestowed upon foodies in NY city.
Registration for free tickets was open months ago and it was quite hard to get some since the site crashed for a bit. If you were persistent and patient like Dave was, then you were treated with up to 4 tickets for yourself and friends.  Registration for tickets is now closed but there are probably still VIP tickets available where you have access to restricted venues where tv personalities like Anthony Bourdain, actors, mixologists, DJs and top chefs (including Marcus Samuelsson-Red Rooster, David Chang-Momofuku) will be there doing meet and greets, giving seminars and cooking for guests. There will also concerts and free food tasting too! I entered a contest trying to win these VIP tickets which are worth $250!!

Extra VIP Googa Mooga tickets gets you:
  • Exclusive Extra Mooga entertainment and special performances
  • Themed parties in Extra Mooga venues throughout the day
  • All-inclusive food, from tastes to heaping plates of your favorites
  • Includes beer, wine and exclusive cocktail offerings 
  • Access to a special Main Stage viewing area
  • A separate entrance for easy reentry
  • Your special Extra Mooga sack filled with goodies
  • One-year New York Magazine subscription
Some of the food vendors that will be there (more listed on the Googa website):

I see many vendors I haven't tried nor heard of before even if I've been to Smorgasburg and Hester Street fair a gazillion times already!

Mmm Luke Lobster's (eaten at Hester Street Fair 2011)

Russ and Daughters
Oh I meant to add more pictures but it's just impossible go through all the pictures of places I've eaten at in NY! Impossible!


  1. Omg so jealous, would love to get the change to go to Googa Mooga. Don't starve yourself the day before. That's a big mistake, you'll only end up a) being so hungry you stuff yourself with the first thing you touch or b)you'll get so hungry it gets to a certain point where you won't be hungry anymore. There is an art to over eating.Apparently you need to eat like you regularly do the day before and the day of you have a light breakfast and maybe a snack during the day.