Monday, May 7, 2012

I never thought I'd be gardening and composting in the city!

New plants ready to be planted for the season

What a pretty day! We just got a membership at the Red Shed community garden in Williamsburg. I am glad D took the initiative to look them up and found out about how we could become members to join the garden community. It's conveniently located and we'll have access to the garden all summer for gardening, BBQ, picnics and parties. We'll also have fresh herbs and veggies within our reach. They just planted basils, eggplants, cherry tomatoes, chard, thyme, rosemary and lots more!

I am most excited about composting as I don't like how much organic waste we produce and waste every time we eat or cook. Eg. orange peels, vegetable parts we don't eat, pits and seeds, rotten food etc. I had the desire to start composting on my own but did not have the space nor knowledge to do so. At the garden, they have the whole system set up and I got a hands-on crash course on composting and so we'll be able to bring our organic wastes to the garden and not waste food anymore!

These lemon balms were ready to be picked and smell sooo good! Great for tea!

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