Friday, May 18, 2012

I'm ready for you, sun! Josie Maran eco-friendly cosmetic line!

Sun protection for body and Facial daily moisturizer
I first heard about Josie Maran and her sunscreen products on Cup of Jo. Based on Joanna's review, I was really interested in trying these toxin free sunscreens as I also had no idea how harmful they could be for our skin. Read this extensive article mentioning the harmful chemicals found in sunscreens here and how sunscreen itself can be the cause of skin cancer when it's suppose to be protecting your skin!

I decided to pass by a Sephora last week to sample the sun lotions and quickly slather some on my arms and face before a sales person pounced on me since I knew I wanted to buy stuff online anyway (free samples!). It was light, absorbed quickly and non greasy-streaky-sticky which is an all around winning combination for me.

Not knowing much about the brand and who Josie Maran was, I then did some research.

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This is Josie Maran. She is a supermodel and actress and now an 'eco-entrepreneur'. Why does she look so familiar? Because she's been a model with Maybelline for a record of over ten years so you've probably seen her in numerous magazine ads.

She launched her cosmetic line in 2007 and it has the highest level of eco-consciousness I have ever seen.
Have you ever seen a line with so many icons associated with it? 'Made With Love' is a cute one but I end up buying both the daily moisturizer and the sun lotion for body and they had these icons listed:

-Organic argan oil (Also known as the Moroccan liquid gold)
-Toxin free
-Paraben free
-No synthetic fragance
-Natural ingredients
-Peta approved

I feel good just buying the product and I hope it will protect me well this summer as I know I will be out in the sun a lot and will slather sunscreen in abundance.

I currently use Laroche Posay's SPF 60 sun block and have for the past few years (I know, too high, made for sun intolerant people but I need it!). The stickiness and white residue when I wear it is not ideal but I wear it because I don't want to be any darker than I already am. If you see me, you'd think that I am a person who likes to tan all the time since I'm so dark but I wear SPF 60, try to hide in the shade all the time and walk around with an umbrella if I must! Why? I'm Asian and there are high chances that in like 20 years or less, sun spots will pop up on my face and skin like seedlings in the Springtime. I tan once and it stays with me for the rest of the year! I still have prominent bikini bottom tan lines from my Turks and Caicos trip back in December 2011. 6 months later! And I did wear sun block at the time too!

Ordered from Sephora to get some freebies!

There are so many eco friendly beauty products out there actually but Josie Maran's line doesn't look like a typical eco-friendly line at all with cardboard packaging or green colored to make it obvious to consumers that it is a GREEN product. I like that it looks simple and luxurious. I never heard of Argan Oil but it's suppose to be anything but good for you so why not?

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  1. What are your thoughts on these products? I recently just finally finished the Biotherm Sun screen. And I hate it, so thick and greasy. Looking for new sun screen, your post makes me want to try the Josie Maran brand. Should I?