Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial day weekend: Three Montreal girls in New York city!

At the High Line

I have known X and H for almost a decade now and they are still as vibrant and energetic as the first time I met them back in cegep. We all grew up and attended school in Montreal but now, we find ourselves in three different cities. H is happily settled in Montreal with a great job and amazing house while X also works a good job and just building a new life in Toronto. Happy.
At the high line
Spending time with these girls has reminded me once again to grab life opportunities by the balls and take advantage and enjoy everything life throws at you. These two certainly have taken control of their lives and seem to be content in every aspect of life. It is contagious and I'm glad to know them and call them my friends. When they planned a trip to NY to celebrate both their birthdays, I was gleeful and could not wait to find out their plans so I can tag along. They were here for the city but also for discovering the salsa culture New York has to offer. I did not attend the salsa meet-ups they went to or stay out every night dancing until the wee hours (4 a.m.!). but together, we did visit the High Line park, check out Williamsburg eats and shops, eat ramen at Momofuku noodle bar, watch Hanyue street salsa at the Loisaidas street festival and finally, eat cupcakes at Sugar Sweet Sunshine. All these things I've done before but it's better with enthusiastic friends for sure!

Artichoke's Staten Island pizza

Full pizza
Putting my pole dancing classes to "good" use.. on subway train.

By the Waterfront after checking out Smorgasburg
Looking for treasures at Beacon's closet
Street festival - Loisaidas festival
Street salsa dancing
Birthday cupcakes at Sugar Sweet Sunshine
Last hours in NY, loving the shoes!

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