Saturday, May 12, 2012

My RGB nail polish collection.

I wish I had more coral colors in my closet

I first heard about RGB while reading a post from Garance Dore. She talked about this manicurist to the stars who was getting nausea from the smell of nail polish and found RGB to work for her since they contain more natural ingredients than other brands out there. So I gave it a try and spent double on what I would normally dish out for Essie or OPI which also has no Toluene, Formaldehyde and DBP but alas, the fumes are still present maybe a little milder?

Since I wear nail polish quite often (not so much lately though), I guess I wanted to buy something that's suppose to be "safer". I end up buying a couple of bottles at full price but then I bought a looot more when I took advantage of a Cyber Monday sale as well as some InStyle promo codes. I was able to get these pricy polishes at 50% off which ends up being the same price as Essie polishes at drugstores.

My RGB nail polish collection:

Punch. Notice color separation which is hard to get rid of even with continuous mixing.

Hipp and RGB collaboration polish foundation in F2

Mink. Again, color seperation.

Haze. This one gets compliments.

Plum: rich dark purple

Ox blood. Great for a dinner date.
Sea. Shiny dark Emerald color for your punk/goth side.

Coral. Great for beachy vacations.

Dove. This one gets many compliments for some reason.

Top coat and base
 It's a love and hate relationship with RGB nail polishes. I love their colors and shininess but dislike how easily they chip, some have color separation and some bottles seem to be more prone to having the brush get stuck to the mouth of the bottle leaving just the cap to come off. I had already bought all these bottles before noticing these bummers since I wanted to take advantage of the discounts and I got all excited about trying out all their colors. I also thought maybe they would last longer if I used RGB's own base and top coat which I end up buying to give them a chance. Even with the top and base coat, the paint still cracks off sometimes even after day 1 especially after hair or dish washing. Maybe I shouldn't do any house chores and use dry shampoo? There's no doubt the color stays bright and shiny for days though which rarely happens with dark colors.

I'd recommend RGB for the colors and for people who don't need to use their hands a lot :)

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