Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A nice morning stroll in Chelsea and Meatpacking with me, myself and I...

When Dave's got something to do on his own, I like to take the opportunity to indulge myself in some alone time and it could be staying home catching up on my feeds, painting my toe nails, dancing in the living room, going out shopping and strolling around, cooking and eating whatever I like etc. It must be the remnant behaviors and desires from days I used to live by myself where I was free to do whatever whenever! But sometimes, I must admit, it's more fun having him around because he's just so funny. During my day out alone, while contemplating about getting a cupcake or not, I texted him: "Ooh Cupcake! but it's more fun with you around judging me (while eating) so no, I won't get one".When Dave had a really early dentist's appointment in Jersey on a Saturday morning, I woke up earlier than usual with plans to go to Chelsea/Meatpacking and then the Met museum (which I didn't end up going).

I first checked out a designer sale at some small crampy apartment on 23rd btw 9th and 10 avenue - 6 girls unloading their closets full of designer clothes to the public. Gucci, Dolce, Rag and Bone, Chloe, A.L.C, Manolos, you name it! Cheap prices with pieces starting at $10 but c'mon, please dry clean or remove those stains before trying to sell them? I was mostly looking at the small selection of accessories because I don't know how I feel about sharing clothing with strangers yet.

I've never seen the High line's observation deck from down here before.

Chelsea market now also has an 'Artist and Fleas' market (Original one is in Williamsburg near the water front). I don't know if it's permanent or not but it feels bigger, brighter and more airy than the one in Williamsburg. Flea market authenticity? ...not so great. Good place to pick up some last minute gifts though!

I wanted something light to eat but this was definitely not that at all. This sushi place at the Lobster Place is really popular but I'm not sure why. I guess mostly with tourists. The makis are tasteless and it's not my first time eating there but I just keep going back for some reason. I think they had just finished preparing them and it seemed fresh. I had to soak each piece entirely in soy sauce (light!) to be able to swallow it.

I was having a small sweet craving so I stopped by Amy's bread.

Instead of a cupcake, I got a chocolatine. mmm.

Instead of a cup of latte which is what I would normally get, I got a bottle of Ronnybrooke's milk coffee instead. Too sweet for me but went well with my chocolatine.
I spent some time checking out the new but mostly old stores at the Meatpacking as many stores have famously moved out of the dying shopping area. I only went to Anthropologie in Chelsea market, the Sephora store to apply some sun lotion, the Scoop sale section in the basement of the store and spent $0.

A Corgi on my way home- worth a picture because Corgis are just so darn cute!

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