Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Shoes shoes first Shoemint purchase [Kathryn]

Aren't these the perfect shoes to wear to a summer wedding?
Pastel pink pumps

I thought I'd try these out as they are 100% leather and are as affordable as Aldo shoes. These are what I consider "safe" shoes as they can be worn with any outfit and surely become a closet staple. 

I used a promo code to get 20% off my first pair (I get $16 off the price of $79.98). I would have preferred nude pumps but that color in the 'Veronique' style were sold out in all sizes so I settled for these pink 'Kathryn'. Kathryns came in a nude color also but I don't think they looked nice in a patent leather. 

 Kathryn in pink

According to some reviews, these leather pumps are super soft and comfortable so I hope they'll fit me well too. 

If you have wide feet, I wouldn't recommend this model. I had a hard time getting my feet in but eventually I stretched it out a little more and manage to fit my feet but it looks like my feet cannot fit. As you can see, the front part is very narrow so your feet are not fully covered. Other than that, they are soft and feel nice to wear. The height is perfect and make your legs look toned and longer.

Second update: I tried to wear these for a wedding and could not walk in them. They slide off my heels and I trip all over the place. I need to get heel cushions to make sure they fit properly. Sighs.

These shoes give major toe cleavage so if you like that, then you'll like these.

Shoemint shoes are designed and made by Steve Madden so there is somewhat of a quality to the shoes and won't fall apart too quickly. They are all made in China anyway.  For each pair of shoes on the site, they will note a price comparison with shoes of similar style, material and quality. They claim this style can sell for up at $169.99.  

My sister made a purchase too and got these cool Citron colored shoes in the Veronique style!

Veronique in Citron

Now,  I'm thinking of returning the Michael Kors heels I bought off Shopbop for something more "safe" and practical. But I'm always about practicality so that is why I decided to go with a pair I would never think of buying/wearing. I'm keeping them just for that fact alone which may or may not be a good reason. I can barely walk in them but I have long lost my ways with wearing heels nowadays.

I find they look better in pictures then in person. Hmmm..I have 5 days to decide if I want to return them and then dread about having to find another pair of shoes. I feel like I should go to Miami with them...

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