Saturday, May 19, 2012

nykeiko eats: Snapshots of Googa Mooga 2012: First year, day one!

My snap shots from Googa Mooga in Prospect Park on Saturday May 19th. This is a great unique event and hope next year will be better. Sure the lines were long but they were worth the wait. The food was delicious and since we didn't drink any wine or beer, we didn't experience whatever fiasco happened earlier on.

-Don't go there super hungry or you'll be pissed waiting in line.
-No need to go to the first ID line by the entrance which was crazy long. There's a guy checking IDs and giving out red bracelets at some of the beverage stands. 0 mins wait.
-Bring a picnic blanket.
-Bring lots of cash. Shit ain't cheap at all. You'll see, I posted the price of the stuff we bought.
-Go early. Some popular places sold out early in the afternoon.
-Go with a group of friends where everyone can take turn waiting in different lines and buy for one another to save time. Some lines were an hour long but some were decent! 

First sight: Discouraging long ass lines
First stop: Hill country BBQ Market tacos. Stood in the wrong line for ten minutes.
The wait was about 20-30 minutes? The Cold brew iced coffee had no wait so I got a $4 cold brew coffee. Expensive but iced drink on hot day is priceless.
Brisket taco. 1 for $8 or 2 for $12. We got 4 cuz we were hungry and also to get for friends.

In line,..again.

Second stop: Frankie's sausage peppers and polento.$10 a bowl.
The wait was about 15 minutes.
It was more effective to have two different people stand in line for different vendors
The wait was about 20 minutes.
Crawfish pasta $10 each

Blue Ribbon fried chicken $10
The line was 45-60 mins for  the Blue Ribbon fried chicken. Dave got a lemon ginger drink from Jean Georges for $5.

We had a picnic blankie so it was nice to chill on the grass and eat and then enjoying the music...
The Roots! Classic!

Live concert from The Roots!

Sea of peeps

Deserts were sold out early
There were a couple of places I wanted to try but was discouraged from the line ups. I'll try Big Gay ice cream another time.

After Googa Mooga, we had more food at DuMont burger in Williamsburg. The wait was shorter here.
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  1. How was the blue ribbon fried chicken? It looks delicious. This reminds me of the festival du Gourmet we use to have on ile ste-helene. Over priced food, but the Googa Mooga food looks so much more appealing. Anything standout? I completely forgot about the potential long line ups. I think I may die having to wait that long.