Saturday, May 5, 2012

Whilst we were in Soho... Meeting Ernest Alexander and spotting Mario Batali (in Crocs) in NY.

We went from shopping on Bergen Street in Brooklyn after checking out the A.P.C. overstock sale to shopping in Soho for the All Saints sample sale. The boy was a trooper all along and he got a new shirt, lunch at his parents and a haircut along the way so it was not a total waste of a day for him.
Bonus: We heard Beastie Boys songs everywhere we went today... to Adam Yauch. R.I.P. MCA.
Here is my favorite music video from Beastie Boys.
And must watch this Beastie boys all star cast music video too!

In Soho, I checked out the latest stuff at the Anthropologie and of course the SALE section and I saw this (not for sale) amazing glass moisaic dress. Like wearing an art piece. I am more likely to wear that top though.

Ernest Alexander flagship store
Pic taken from the Ernest Alexander blog
Since we were on Wooster street, we decided to stop by Thompson St where the future Ernest Alexander flagship shop is which will be opening in June. It is currently under construction but Ernest himself mentioned on his blog for people to stop by and knock on the window to say 'Hi' to his staff and so we did! Lucky for us, Mr. Ernest Alexander was there by himself getting hands-on working on his shop. He saw both of us curiously peaking through the window. With hands and clothes full of paint stains, he popped out of the store to chat with us. He now knows that; D owns one of his bags, we follow the company's journal blog on our feeds and are on a half "stalk" mode about the company's latest news, music suggestions, trips (we went to Beacon city inspired by one of their posts) and latest designs. Ernest was super humble and thanked us for visiting the store, being clients and supporting him. We can't wait to attend the opening party of the store. Wait, are we invited?

As we walked from Soho up to 14th street, we stopped by an Italian grocery store called Citarella. D stayed around while I decided to get a free exfoliating hand wash at Sabon nearby. That's when he spotted Mario Batali going into Citarella and calls me immediately. As I joined him later, I was able to see Mario come out of the store and was able to snap this picture of him hopping onto his little Vespa. I wouldn't have been able to recognize Maria Batali myself but D knew it was him for sure because of his infamous fashion faux-pas. And what is that? The orange Crocs he is known to wear everywhere in public. How did I not know this?
Also, why doesn't he shop at his own store Eataly? Should everyone know that this world reknowned chef shops at Citarella? Maybe Citarella is just better...and pricy :)

Doing some Google research, it looks like he wears the same stuff all the time when riding his Vespa. Here is a shot of him wearing a similar outfit we spotted him in. Oh wait, the shirt is white and not pink. Ok fine.

 Crocs on the red carpet
Crocs on the red carpet. The only person that can and WANTS to do this? There's also pictures of him wearing them at the White House. Oh wait, now I know why. He's got his own Crocs line! Duh.

We walked so much today and I will always love walking around New York city because you just never know what to expect!



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