Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Break in your shoes without or, with much less pain...

Breaking in new shoes is a tricky and painful procedure.

I am breaking in my new Rag and Bone Newbury ballet flats and it's ouchie!
A colleague of mine showed me a trick which is going to "save" me so many band-aids or bonding tape. Instead of placing band-aids on both heels and toes everytime I wear them new shoes, I am going to wear sheer knee lenght nylons or panty hose from now on. I laughed at her when she showed me her 'uncool' knee lenght stockings which actually helps her keep her feet dry and prevents blisters. The only person I have ever known wear nylons was my loving grandmother. Maybe there is a lot of women that wears them and I just had no clue since they are almost invisible.  I didn't even know where to buy them! However, when I tried on my new flats, I immediately felt the pinch and heel rubbing and had to break them in so I decided to try the nylons this time. I easily got a pair from CVS at 99 cents and they are fantastic! It prevented rubbing of the shoes against my heels and thus no pain! My feet was also kept dry and thus, no smell! The side of my feet was still pinched which is something I can't seem to avoid with any shoes due to my ginormous wide feet!

What are your tricks for breaking into new shoes? Lots of blood, blisters and limping until your shoes soften or do you use a shoe stretcher prior to wearing them? Or ever try with rubbing alcohol?

You can barely see the stockings

The sheer hose cannot even hide the tan I got over the weekend

These 100% leather babies are made with rigib nubuck leather and I think they are going to take more time to mold to my feet.
Made in Taiwan.
Upper: German nubuck cow leather.
Stacked flat Belgian cow leather sole

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  1. Have you tried the band aid stick? It's great for preventing rubbing and blisters. I think you can even just use a regular deorderant stick. Apparently vaseline is a good trick too. Hmmmm, I haven't needed to break in flats ever since I switched over to Pretty ballerina flats. For heels, when I feel that they pinch a little, I usually wear a pair of thick gym socks and stomp around in my heels. But nylons also do the trick. I usually wear nylons all the time even when it was like 30 degrees. But co-workers are always like "oh are you wearing nylons? why it's summer." this is what you get working with a bunch of women.
    someone also told me once to wear the shoes and wet them, the leather will mold to your feet. I don't know how true that is because I find that when leather shoes get wet, they get tighter.

    1. hahaha I couldnt find the word nylon in my head!! I knew stockings sounded weird sighs,..I suck in every language I know!