Thursday, June 7, 2012

Everyone can relate to this one...

I wore my new jeans for the very first time today and I spill coffee on it this morning while walking to work...drips of coffee ran from my thighs down to my heels..I was walking so I used what I could find in my bag to wipe off excess which was a receipt from CVS. As soon as I got into work, I dab the spots with water and then for the heck of it, sprinkled half a packet of salt to rest on the stain just because I had a packet of salt.

Googling "How to remove coffee stains"....and sighing and imagining my bf sighing too and saying "that is so you".

1 comment:

  1. Welcome to my world. Sometimes I wonder if I actually have some sort of gap/hole in my jaw that makes it impossible not to drip onto brand new or freshly washed clothing...
    It's a conscious effort everytime I take a sip of a non-water beverage not to stain something. The irony is I never have a problem when I'm wearing pajamas or a casual tee.