Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hookahs make me barf? @ Sahara East, East village

Spending a couple of hours sucking and blowing some fruity fumes from a shisha made me barf out my wonderful dinner from Frank at various corners in the East village. What contributed to this un-lady like behavior was probably also spending all day under the hot sun with little water since it is definitely not my first time smoking some hookahs.

We ordered two hookahs- one was double apple and the other was this off-menu one called pomegranate something where a real pineapple was on top of the hookah! I chatted most of the time too and only sucked hard to produce the biggest genie-like cloud out of my mouth like R is doing here.

Could not replicate this without coughing
Pineapple on top of hookah

RGB polish in Dove :)

A nice chilled margarita after a hot sunny day


  1. First time poster here at your blog --- please keep it up! I'm enjoying the reads.


  2. Hi, I luv your post. I'd like to share a little bit. My brother bought one of these but when we smoked we just packed the bowl with bud and lit it each time we wanted to hit it...So much smoke and probably the highest I've ever been..
    Hookah? click....