Thursday, June 21, 2012

I am an eager beaver for summer! What to do this summer?!

At Hester street fair. Top: Alice & olivia top/Bag:m0851/shoes:Camper/Sunglasses: Burberry
Now that the weather is a lot warmer and days are filled with clear and sunny skies, I have become way more eager to plan out my weekends and look forward to them! Asking D on Sunday night what we will do the next weekend can make it a very long week for me but I don't care!!

It is my third summer season here in New York. The city becomes more vibrant in the summer and I want to be part of everything especially things that do not cost money! Click here for a list of free things to do in summer in NYC compiled by Refinery29. The last suggestion is a link to my post about Chanel's 'Little Black Jacket' however that exhibition closed June 15!

This weekend, some friends from Montreal are visiting and I'm going to join them for some touristy fun that I haven't myself done yet. For the first time, I'll take the free Staten Island ferry and also visit the World Trade Memorial site which opened on 9/12 last year!
In Quebec. Jacket: Wilfred Chevalier blazer/ Shorts: Kookai
Fire Island
In Williamsbur. Top: Toy Ninja/Skirt: Francois Beauregard (fb)

I'm compiling a personal summer to-do list again this year. I just took a peek at my summer list from last year of which I've only crossed off a few things and most were not even done during the summer. Picnics at Central Park was lovely. I did cross the BK bridge twice but not on rollerblades. I have not yet crashed a Hamptons party nor get drunk at a vineyard. I did visit the red pandas at the Bronx zoo but it was during Spring time. I went to Prospect park for the first time for Googa Mooga but not for berries hunting.

My summer list 2012: 
-Sailing on the Hudson river (Maybe try this company?)
-Bike in Central Park as I have never done that before. It's so do-able and there are so many discount deals out there being offered. I'd like to rollerblade as well but I have to wait for D to not think he will die each time he wears those blade.
-Visit the Hamptons just because! Preferably rent a convertible, top down and drive while letting my hair loose in the wind (but reality is, probably will be stuck in traffic for hours).
-Return to Fire Island beach and pet a deer.
-Go upstate NY somewhere, anywhere! Vineyards? Stay at a bed and breakfast? Hiking?
-Hike more! Somewhere, anywhere!
-Rollerblade along the Hudson river. The pavement looks nice and flat!
-Wear all my summer outfits which I have neglected and cannot wear for work.
-Have more fun with mixing and matching new outfits.
-TAKE MORE PICTURES! Bring our SLR camera out to play more!
-Bake a summer apple pie!
- (...) Will surely update this list as more ideas come!

So far, just before the official start of summer, notably I have:
-Camped in Catskills
-7th heaven fair in Park Slope
-And with no doubt of course went to Smorgasburg and Brooklyn flea like a zillion times.

This summer's bonus is being able to travel back to my beloved Montreal at least twice for two weddings. Also, we're doing a road trip from Montreal to Boston and discovering what Maine has to offer! Will Maine satisfy my taste buds with delicious seafood and tempt me with their unique little boutiques and antique shops??!

East River waterfront by Smorgasburg

In Hollywood where it's always sunny! Shorts: J brand

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