Thursday, June 14, 2012

I survived camping...and got some great pictures too!

It is always nice to take a little getaway from the city.

Find inner peace

13 young adults leave their homes to set out in the wilderness for one night at Little Pond in Catskills NY.

After overcoming all the crappy things that come with camping such as: bugs, mud, cold, dirt, no hot showers, bear threats,  I went camping with an open mind and had a really good time although I could not wait to come home to take a shower. I prepped myself with 3 things I found important: 1. Bug repellent 2. Wet wipes (for face and body) 3 Marshmallows.  The highlight of the trip was to see a real live bald eagle over the pond. An adult and a juvenile one on different days. I felt blessed to see a rare bird like that. We also saw chipmunks, frogs, snakes, woodpeckers and fortunately no bears.

Tent for 4

We went hiking for a couple of hours
There's a juvenile bald eagle in this picture at Little Pond. Spot him?

We thought he looked like a gummy

Totoro is home

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