Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I'm going camping and I feel ambivalent about it...

I'm not sure I'm looking forward to this but I will make the best out of it...
I hope it's hot and not rainy and cold.
It's only one night.
I will survive.
I sound like a city snob.
But I do prefer sleeping on a bed and a take a hot shower.
I prefer not having mosquito bites.

But I guess I'll be able to get out of the city to see beautiful greenery and breathe fresh non-polluted air which will make me happy.
I'll also be happy when I chew on perfected roasted marshmallows.
I look forward to swimming laps in the lake and doing some hiking to take the opportunity to "exercise".

Last time I went camping was in Canada back in 2008. I was with a bunch of beautiful vibrant and VERY WELL-prepared girls. We had mattresses beneath our sleeping bags and fluffy pillows. At one point, it was raining but it did not ruin it. I was so positive that I even attempted to shampoo my hair in the rain to make the best out of it. It didn't rain hard enough.
It was by a small beach/lake called Sablon. I had sand in my butt but I did not care. We had marinated korean bulgogi, Chinese style spicy oil noodles, chicken wings, sausages, fresh fruits, and other marvelous apetizers I do not remember but remember enjoying.

It just reminded me that I can't let the small things bug me and just cherish the memories..until I get a bite or creepy crawler up my legs, then I'm going to concentrate all my frustration on killing the poor thing.

Plage sablon camping 2008

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