Thursday, June 14, 2012

In pictures: Rag and Bone Sample sale June 2012 [NY sample sale]..

Let me start by mentioning that this was not one of the cheapest sample sales I have been too. Rackedny covers the prices here.

The site before the storm...
Rag and Bone sample sale at Chelsea Market
The selection was great in general although a 'Friends and Family' event the day before wiped out a lot of the smaller sizes in all the t-shirts, jeans and shoes! Most were restocked but not all. The shoes section was the first thing most girls raced to. I needed flats so I picked up the Newbury flats in Ivory in size 7. Many of the girls couldn't get the smaller sizes in the shoes so I was happy to find a pair I liked! I found out later that the Newbury flats were not $125* as advertised but $195. They are originally $295 and on the R and B website, they are currently on sale for $150 for sizes 38 and 41 only. * I went back and they gave me $70 back so make sure you check your receipt before leaving!

 I also found many cute items but I let them be but I picked up a pair of "Tuxedo" navy shorts with orange stripe. You're lucky if you got jeans in your size. Even though they said they fit true to size, some styles are made tighter and smaller so some size 28 shorts fit my 27 butt! I now own skinny jeans in size 27 and shorts in size 28.

There was a wait for the dressing room and cashier...make sure you got everything before you commit to those lines.

Rag and bone Heels

Rag and Bone Newbury flat

Newbury boots were sold fast

$195 for tiered blue dress (orig $495)

Maxi dresses were plentiful in colors and sizes

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