Monday, June 18, 2012

A new hue of blue to feel unblue

What my apartment would look like from a 60s photograph

After almost a year living in our current apartment and deciding to renew our lease for another year, we finally bought a bucket of paint and set out to revamp our entire apartment!! Ok.. not true! We had a plan and the plan was just to paint ONE wall. THE accent wall. We are simply too lazy to do all the walls. It took us almost a year to get to this point so one wall is more than enough!

We had a plain looking white wall

At first, we wanted a dramatic color that would pop out such as RED or Cobalt blue but then we thought we needed a color that would be more soothing to the eyes on days when we just want to chill and relax in our living room. Note that we live on a one bedroom apartment and our living room is where we spend most of our time so it was important to get a cool hue that wouldn't kill our eyes. I picked this dark royal blue in matte from Behr.

Not that I know much about paint but Behr's paint is PERFECT. We were going to go for some cheap brand but it was important for me not to be intoxicated by the smell of paint for days. I was able to coat without wanting to puke (the smell was pleasant actually) and it had the perfect glide and consistency!

I never really painted walls in my life. So this was a fun easy project especially since I didn't do much of the painting because we only had one roller. I did help brush the corners and also had fun drawing on the wall as you can see below.

This is how I helped out by drawing Keiko..

The finished product

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  1. Keiko is there in spirit! Love the blue. Picking paint color is very hard. it took me like weeks when I was trying to pick colors for my apartment.