Monday, June 11, 2012

No dresses for me at the Diane Von Furstenberg sample sale in NY..

The line at DVF sample sale at 260th 5th ave which will host a La Perla and then J crew sale this week

Racks were organized by size

I found prettier stuff in the bigger sizes that I didn't see in smaller size

I checked out the Diane Von Furstenberg sample sale last week after work. It was day 3 of the sale so I expected the crowd to have died down as I heard about the chaos on day 1. Apparently DVF herself made an appearance on day 1 of the sale which probably help lift some spirits!

I am not a super fan of DVF but I appreciate her prints, femininity, designs and bold colors. I was looking for a dress to wear to the weddings of course. The dresses were priced at no-so-cheapo price of $130 but they usually retail from $250-600 so it's a good deal. I arrived at around 6 p.m. and faced a line of approximately 20-30 minutes long. You must check in your bags.

The stock was plentiful so I was hopeful and everything is organized by size from 0 to 12. As soon as I start skimming the racks in size 4 and 6, I noticed recurring styles over and over again and was then disappointment by the selection. I saw better styles in the size 8 and more racks. I picked up three decent dresses and headed to the dressing room which was fenced off with a big back drape, there were racks at 3 sides of it and a couple of full length mirrors. It was about 20 minutes before closing time so they herded maybe 15-20 girls into the dressing room at a time and gave us 10 minutes to try all our items. I had three items to try on and felt the stress but I saw some girls with over 10+ items they needed to try. Good luck with that I thought. A lady was screaming and reminding us about the time and the second batch of girls waiting to try their stuff. Oh well. Too stressful to decide on anything so I plopped all three dresses back, skimmed through the bags and accessories aisles and got back my purse and left. I also found a ticket number for bag claim on the floor. I picked it up to give it to the bag check personnel so someone else can't claim a bag that didn't belong to them. The guy just threw the ticket back on the floor and did not care if that bag was claimed or not. I should have tried to claim that ticket and see if I could have gotten a free LV or Chanel bag which adorned the back check racks.

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