Sunday, June 24, 2012

Smorgasburg and Renegade Craft fair in Williamsburg, oh my!

Top: Stylemint/Shorts: Rag and Bone/Sunglasses:Burberrry/Bag:Rachel Nasvik (ofakind edition)

After being tortured by the heat wave, drained with a day of thunderstorms, we finally get perfect weather in time for the weekend. We expected clear blue skies so I decided I would wear all blue to match :)

This Saturday, I went to Smorgasburg (not again!) and then right next door at the Waterfront park was the 8th annual Renegade Craft fair which I had no idea was happening this weekend. How did I miss that?! It's like Etsy coming to life and you can touch, feel and try everything you once saw online. There were old and new vendors compared to last year and some new vendors I have read about so I was excited to see some of the things in person. I couldn't capture the essence of the fair in pictures so I decided to make my first vlog about the fair!

In June, Bedford Avenue was shut down 3 Saturdays in a row for Williamsburgs Walks. I very much enjoyed walking in the middle of the street ... Arts, games, music and freshly rolled out grass was prepared for everyone to enjoy.

Part of my summer 2012 to-do list is to take my SLR out to play. I now treat you folks to enticing pictures of food and fun!

3 cheese grill cheese
Fish taco

Must have the Dumont milkshake!

Renegade Craft Fair 2012:

Colorful pebbles

State shaped wood boards!
Typewriter jewelry
Color dipped coral necklaces

Honey comb shapes

  Blow me handkerchief


And before you leave, don't forget to drop by Magnolia Photoboh to take some great souvenir photos for FREE!!!

Take a free Magnolia photobooth pic. This was taken at last year's fair!
Of course I framed it! Our latest couples portrait :)

Williamsburg Walks:

Williamsburg Walks 2012 on Bedford Avenue

Donut break

Bedford Ave

If you see a ladder, you climb it...

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