Monday, July 9, 2012

Daily Candy 'Of a Kind' 50% deal! Grab! Now!

Don't miss out on this deal! Pay $50 to get towards $100 worth of goodies on Of A kind. The pickings are currently quite slim because they just had the July 4th sale ( I can't believe I missed out on the last pair of Mociun earrings by 5 minutes!) but the deal is good until October so there will be plenty of goodies coming out as they release about 2 editions per week usually!

Earrings by Mociun. I really liked these but they were too pricy ... 21 of a Kind

I like the patterns and color! Joanie Mini Bag by Thomas IV- 20 of a Kind.
Maxi skirt by Althea Harper (Alexander McQueen intern) -30 of a Kind

Earrings by Montreal designers Bande des Quatres are still available -15 of a kind

Riding Clutch by Fleabags sold out within a few days - 50 of a kind

Silk and Gold bracelet set by Ora- 35 of a Kind
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