Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Happiness is food, friends, family, lover, laughter, fun all combined. [Short trip to Montreal]

Happiness is...

Homemade food by Q's daddy and mommy.

Homemade pho!
Delicious quails
Staying at my sister's place with her very own petting zoo:
Sister's petting zoo. Meet Pewok, Pekoe and Poofy.
Doing my own nails and not messing it up too badly:
Ta-da! Chanel inspired nails! (Sally Hansen's Celeb City and OPI's exclusive red for InStyle)

Showing it to Pekoe for approval

Having the most delicious of meals with good friends at Le Club Chasse et Peche:

tuna two ways, truffle, maitake, quail eggs (18)

mushroom tart, aged cheddar, arugula (18)

seared scallops, fennel purée, lemon confit (16)

braised piglet risotto, foie gras shaving (16)
The main courses:

filet de veau, crevettes, cannelloni, tomate (37)

veal filet, shrimps, cannelloni, tomato (37)

Gaspé char, gnocchi, nameko, chorizo (34)

The hot and solid of the night: Lamb racks

Side veggies
A nice stroll down in the Old Port after a wonderful fireworks show from France.

Playing hide and seek with Poofy.

Going to Jean Talon market for great local produce. Although the sweet and delicious grapefruits I bought were from South Africa.

Herbs heaven

Attending old friend's wedding with a candy bar during cocktail hours.

Jo Malone cologne samples in the ladies and men's room:

Seeing two love unite forever. Priceless.

Seeing friends at the wedding that I have not seen in almost 10 years = fun!

Taking a well-deserved rest on a warm, fluffy kitty pillow...before it ran away.

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