Monday, July 2, 2012

I made it myself so I must love it :) DIY earrings

My first pair of DIY earrings *update, I dropped the earrings and one stone broke in half. Sad.

I gotta say that I was pretty excited to take this beginner's jewelry making class. I bought a deal off Livingsocial back in October of 2011 and invited a friend who bought the deal and one more for a gift. We had planned to all go together and finally 10 months later, we joined an evening class at a convenient spot on 5th Ave in midtown.

Dina, owner of Modnista Atelier, offered us all some white wine and quickly started with introducing us to the tools sitting in front of us and then explaining the color wheel based on our choices of colors. We learned how to do a loop head and connect two loops together.

The class was an hour which felt like a hurry as picking the gems, stones, beads were the most difficult part I think to make the perfect earring. I would have liked more time but I'm pretty happy with what I got.

We are welcomed into the room with all the supplies ready. (photo taken from
All our beads, stones and pearl joices for the earrings we are about to make.

What we made in an hour!

Me wearing all three of our DIY earrings!
Close up: Lapis lazuli (deep blue), malachite (green), turquoise, aventurine (light green) and rose quartz (pink)!


  1. I read your review on yelp and came here to check out your diy jewelry. They're pretty! You made all three in 1 hour? That's a great feat for a beginner, good job!

    I sell jewelry at kitsy lane (I plan on taking jewelry classes soon), check it out: