Thursday, July 12, 2012

nykeiko eats and play: In pictures-Day trip to Philly! Lotsa cheesesteaks

Do you think Pat's, Geno's or Jim's have the best Philly's cheesesteakss..but who cares?!

So we didn't go to Philly JUST to find out who in town has the best cheesesteaks but we might as well have! I had never tried cheesesteak before this!

If you Google 'Best cheesesteaks in Philly' right now, you'll find a list of top ten Philly's cheesesteaks.

The top 3 are:
1. Pat's King of steaks since 1930.
2. Geno's steaks since 1966.
3. Jim's steaks since 1939.

These are the three places we tried within the span of 1-2 hours I think. We got one sandwich from each place, 2 from Jim's and shared it. Of course, a friend of mine had to mention trying Tony Luke's which is number 4 on the list but... we can only eat so much cheesesteaks in a day and we weren't feeling it after going to Jim's.

I think for this type of food anyway, who makes the best cheesesteak is all arbitrary to one's personal taste. For me, I didn't love any of them. Maybe I just don't like cheesesteaks in general but I KNOW that if it was just more fatty, greasier and cheesier, I would probably love it a little more. Maybe I should talk to the chefs! *knock on windows. "Hi can you change your 70 year old recipe?". Nonetheless, Pat's cheesesteaks came out as a favorite for all of us. Geno's steak was dry and Jim's steak was drier. The end.

After eating eating eating, we finally started the sightseeing. We parked by Independence Hall to see the Liberty Bell, walked across Chinatown to get to Reading market and finally end up at the Love Park. We then drove to get some water ice at Rita's water ice and then off to the Art Museum! On our way back home, we had dinner in Edison New Jersey at a Taiwanese noodle joint called 'Noodlelicious' which seemed to be everyone's favorite part of the trip!

First stop: Geno's steaks
Typical line in the middle of the street?

Pat's cheesesteaks with mushrooms!

Second stop: Pat's King of steaks. The origin of Philly's cheesesteaks?

Geno's cheesesteak with onions

Third stop: Jim's steaks

Cheesesteak with peppers

Cheesesteak with onions


Reading market

Gimmick food. Andrew Zimmerman tried this and probably the only dummy who did.

Philadelphia City Hall
Giant Monopoly pieces
Love Park

Totoro loves LOVE

The Art Museum where everyone runs up to

Rocky's shoe print at the top of the Art Museum steps

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