Friday, July 6, 2012

mmm Cornilicious @ Cafe Habana NYC

Cafe Habana grilled corn $2 each
Corn gem found on the corner of Prince and Elizabeth Street in Soho/Nolita which is probably well-known in NY but only recently discovered by me!

Now that I have finally tried Cafe Habana's famous grilled corn, I don't know why I never bothered stopping and trying it before after 2+ years. I always thought: Why are all these silly people going crazy over corn?! Maybe they are just too lazy to grill it themselves at home?! Each time I walk by, there's at least a dozen people on that corner munchin' on corn and it never occurred to me to try. What's so special about corn?! Finally, when some friends visited and looking for something to do/eat in Soho, I remembered this special corner cafe and decided to make them try it with me.

And of course, it's not a simple grilled corn as I originally thought. The corn is slathered with a mix of mayo, sour cream, cheese and cayenne pepper and it was such a yummy treat which made all of us especially me, oh so happy :)

We're going to try to replicate it with this recipe at our mini BBQ next week!

Cafe Habana menu

Munchin' away 

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