Sunday, July 29, 2012

New on my 'want' list..Lo & Sons 'The Melrose' or 'The Claremont'

The Melrose


The Claremont

The Melrose seems more practical as you can use it as a backpack AND a camera bag however, the Claremont is more lady like and prettier to carry around. The only small problem I see is that I don't think I see any extra space to carry other personal items such as wallet, keys and cellphones which would then oblige me to carry another purse to carry around those things when I'm out shooting?

I like them both. I like the taupe color a lot too! I think Lo&Sons have answered to the calls of thousands of girly photographers out there! Thank you! Did you see their travel bags too?

I admit that I would carry my DSLR around more often if it wasn't so bulky and heavy.I know I'm not the only one that opts using the iphone as a camera but really would rather take better pictures with an SLR. If I do decide on bringing out the SLR, I trick my bf into carrying orrr I usually wrap it in a scarf and plop it in the the deep dangerous abyss of my large purse. It never really stays in the warmth of my scarf as my bag moves around too much. Banging and scratching around but mostly, losing the lens cap which can be disastrous for the lens.

We bought a Lowepro sling back bag which I think is the easiest way to carry an SLR camera but it's only acceptable if we're traveling as tourists but not when we're just strolling around in Manhattan.

I'd love to get one of these ingenious bags from Lo and Sons but now I have to figure out which one to choose (of course!).

Pictures taken from Lo and Sons.

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