Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend: Chinatown, Nolita and Soho

This weekend was neither too hot, too cold but juuust right with some drizzle of rain to cool things off when it got too hot.
We were craving quite some things on Sunday and left the comfort of Brooklyn to run some errands and grab some food at the same time.

I love Nolita and all those little shops on Elizabeth St! It is an ever-changing scene!

I ate the entire plate of chicken feet!

Craved some dim sum..this was just the start.
We had 2 more plates of shrimp rolls, veggies wrapped in bean curd, egg tarts..

$15 top on sale! Supima/ mmm good!
D was craving some Mac N Cheese like a preggo woman.An hour after dim sum, we snacked on four cheeses mac and cheese at Macbar on Spring St.We evaded some heavy rain while pigging out so perks for that!
4 cheeses Mac n Cheese

The menu 1 of 2.

If you're ever in Nolita on Elizabeth street, please stop by 'Love Adorned' for the most unique variety of home decor and jewelries made by local NY designers or independent brands. The jewelries are a mix of everything. Some are delicate and fragile while others were rough and very avant-garde.

Love Adorned
Would you use glass straws to save the environment?

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