Monday, August 20, 2012

nykeiko eats: Foodie galore in Maine [Fore Street Restaurant]

I did not know what to expect from my first trip to Maine. All I knew was that I would be able to see vast lands filled with natural beauty (I really wanted to see a moose as we drove through White Mountains but two red foxes made my day!) and of course eat lots of cheap delicious Maine lobsters (ours was not cheap but delicious!). The arts and food scene in Portland Maine was vibrant and kind of wished we had a couple more days to explore the city and outer boroughs where antique and vintage shops are a plenty and of course, eat, more! I mean, I still gotta try Duckfat where the fries are fried up with duck fat. Sounds unhealthly good!

Here are pictures from our memorable tasting at a restaurant called Fore Street which has been opened for more than 16 years as I was told by one of the bartenders. Also, their menu changes DAILY based on the day's shipments of the freshest produce delivered from local Maine farmers, fishermen, foragers, and cheesemakers. They do not FREEZE anything in the kitchen and everything is prepared FRESH! At a place like this, you bet it's hard to get a reservation at a desired sitting time on a short notice (like us!) but one trick is to show up when doors open at 5 p.m. when they take walk-ins to fill some open seating and then you can pick a time to eat dinner that will not be absurdly late (but maybe too early). We canceled our 9:30 p.m. reservations when we made it for a 5:30 p.m. spot! You can also pick later times but I was too anxious to try the food.

We had just gotten back from a sailboat trip where we munched on a hardy clam chowder and lobster roll + champagne, so my appetite was deceivingly low and I choose to order a couple of appetizers (3 to be exact) while Dave picked an appetizer, an entree and a side. Damn we're big eaters even when we're not hungry. Usually, 1-2 things stand out from the menu but I definitely wanted to try everything and on the menu. They also write where the source of each main ingredient (meat, fish, veggies, cheese) come from. More about the menu here.

Enjoy! A definite must try place if you ever visit Portland ME.

The menu was printed on paper and I asked for a copy.

Pan Seared Richmond island squid
Cape Elizabeth, Fennel and garden onion, lemon and coriander leaf vinaigrette

Shitake and Roasted Garlic soup
Toasted Sourdough and fresh herbs
Chilled seafood tasting platter
Must emphasize on the raw sea bass. I never had that and it was def fresh!

Pan Seared Maine Farm rabbit livers
South Paris, Sweet corn with smoked heritage pork sausage, riche madeira and brawn sauce.

Garlic Mashed organic Maine potatoes (BEST THING EVER!)

Marinate Maine farm rabbit
South Paris, beet and spinach mascarpone on toasted pain au lait marinated garden radishes.

BEST garlic bread ever!
They make the most simple dishes perfected to amazingness. That's attention to the small things.

Photos by me.
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