Sunday, August 26, 2012

In pictures: AFROPUNK festival 2012 [photos]

The entrance

I went to Afropunk festival to see my in-law Bill Campbell (my sister's husband's sister's husband) promoting his new book "Koontown Killing Kaper". I got myself a signed copy with complimentary poetry :)

This was my first time at the festival and it seemed pretty awesome if I had known all the bands. There were the more popular ones that I know such as Erykah Badu, Gym Class Heories, Janelle Monae and more all playing for free! There was a skate and bike show, live mural painting. Vendors and Food trucks were a plenty and as the day progressed, the crowd size increased exponentially. Also, seeing all the hip hop funk street style was awesome. I felt so out of place but enjoyed the crowd very much.

It's a two-day event (August 25th and 26th) at Commodore Barry Park in Brooklyn!

Writer Bill Campbell hustling his book: Koontown Killing Kaper

The line up of food trucks
One truck I knew I would try and did! Taiwanese bian dan truck
Before the crowd gathered


Main stage
Afropunk style

The sea of people trying to enter when I left
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