Wednesday, August 22, 2012

nykeiko eats: more of Fore Street [Maine]

The bar at Fore Street

While waiting for our table to get ready, we parked at the bar and ordered a couple of drinks. I am now obsessed with Gimlet. D makes it for me at home and it's my new girly but non-girly drink I order when I go out. I took some pictures around the restaurant to show you where the great food at Fore Street was being prepared. The chefs didn't mind me taking snapshots of them as they gleefully smiled for the camera. I wish I had their contact to send them a copy. The open kitchen where the friendly kitchen staff prepares the food feels so organic and quaint. No spitting in your food or picking your nose here! The staff is friendly and everyone seems happy to work there. Our waiter even let me touch his earrings which was iron cast from a real rose thorn made by his friend from San Francisco. I really enjoyed my experience at the restaurant which is not something I often say about a restaurant!


The drink menu

My current drink of choice: Gimlet

A gin from Maine for my Gimlet!

Preview of the menu at the bar

Sea salt, ground pepper and butter for your bread

Friendly chefs who appear to love their job :)

Open kitchen makes you feel like you're cooking at home for a party of 100+e

Fresh bread served from the Standard Baking Company

Photos by me.

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