Tuesday, August 28, 2012

In Pictures: Proenza Schouler Sample Sale 2012 [Soho sample sale NY]

The space at 74 Mercer Street. NOT 82 Mercer Street. 

NO PHOTOS were allowed to be taken inside the sale. I am not sure why. There is no intellectual property to steal. Maybe because there was no dressing rooms and a nipple shot could take place if you are not careful with where you point that camera. It was too chaotic to take any good pictures anyway. I took what I could "ninja style" but most came out blurry so I guess it's as if there were no photos taken at all. Get what you can from these photos but I'd say by the end of the day, half of the stocks would be gone as sizes and styles were depleted within the first hour after opening except for the more recent collections. There were plenty of sweaters and jackets and wool dresses left. I went in hoping to snag some items at $20 which I did..and even better, at $10!

If you thought the cheapest items would start at $20 as informed by many websites, there were misinformed as I saw plenty of tees and tops for $15-$20. There was a good amount of sheer tees for $15, sheer long sleeves at $20 and samples at $20 (see pics). Some really nicely tailored wool pants were at $30 (they were true samples as some had no size markings or labels). About 30 minutes later, the stock was depleted to half on those racks. You had to be quick to get a piece.

When doors opened, they let small groups in so that you can check-in your bags and then I saw some of the first girls RUN right towards the three bins filled with bags including totes (maybe 10-15 of them), lizard skin camera bags at $350 (orig. $4250), crossbodies (Spring 2011), summer mesh bags (see below. In black, white and black. There were plenty of the white and grey but there were no longer there when I left). A girl had 3-4 totes/bags in her arms..it was quite frustrating. I wanted just ONE! I heard there was only one wallet from this eco friendly limited edition collection and one girl had it. It's originally $125 so I don't know how much it was at the sale. There were a few remaining textile bags from Spring 2011 collections priced at $125-$250. I saw many pieces at under $100 mostly on the right side of the room. As I am not familiar with the collection I suppose whatever is on the left which were above $150-$500 are from Fall/Winter/Summer 2012.

There was ONE goddarn mirror in the whole place and girls undressed and dressed right in front of 3 tall security agents. They didn't seem like pervs or interested in looking so you're safe.

The line was gone by 11 a.m. and all the bargain hunters already checked out with their new totes and samples by then. No stock replenishments I heard.

The line at 9:10 a.m.

The line at 9:55 a.m. I could not see the end.

spot that tote!

These top were $20 I think

Scuba tank at $10. Size M. There were probably 3 of this top. 

$20 soft sheer long sleeves

$15 for a sheer tee in neon yellow
My new old collection Spring 2011 Lizard skin camera bags

The bag bin had totes but were gone within minutes. That mesh tennis bag was $250. Lots of Spring 2011 striped bags.


Thanks Sample Sally and RackedNy for the link!

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