Tuesday, August 14, 2012

nykeiko wears: Montreal [Mackage]

Dress: Mackage!
Clutch: Jason Wu!.. for Target :) Leftovers are here or on ebay.
Earrings: A and L Jewelry (Discontinued Montreal brand)
Shoes: I bought these heels more than a year ago in Taiwan from some Korean brand. They are gray leather and has metallic mesh cap toe! Did you see some metallic cap toe shoes currently trending? See?

Still not good at posing too long for pictures

This is what I wore to summer wedding #2 which was held in beautiful Montreal and wearing a Montreal-based brand was the right thing to do! My dress is made in Shanghai however but that's okay because it is one of Montreal's sister cities since 1985. How did I know that you ask? I learned it when I was interviewing for a job at the Shanghai Expo back in 2010. Random.

I love the fit of a Mackage dress. I own two now and both fit me like a glove. I cannot lose or gain any weight if I want to wear this again and again!


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  1. That dress has mackage written all over it. So cute. But definitely true you can't gain weight or even lose weight because their designs are very form fitting. At least that's what her hubby tells me "she cuts really close to the body!"

    1. Interesting that you know the hubby :) Well the dresses I got are super stretchy so I got some leeway. I'm glad I'm curvy though :)

  2. The hubby is actually my hairdresser/hair stylist. Not sure what they want to be called. I must admit he knows hair well! I have hinted a couple of times about the brand and how its not fair that we don't have a flag ship store here, but he's not biting!