Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kiki de Montparnasse Sample Sale 2012 [Soho]

I'd wear this out to a hot partay

I was in Soho stopping by my usual salon to get my wax on (wax off). I painfully and slowly walked down Spring to go to the subway station and saw the Kiki de Montparnasse store. Then I remembered reading on Sample Sally who wrote about checking out the sale which started yesterday. I have only been to the store once before when I moved to NY (D waited for me outside) to see what the celebrity hype was all about and the place to shop for your honeymoon (Wait, I think I might be mixing it up with Agent Provocateur). I think there was a holiday sale going on but I still couldn't afford anything at all even with the deep discounts. So I thought I'd check out the sale out of curiosity since I was there anyway. There was no price list or anything and I got excited when the sales lady told me the discount was at 75% off everything except the cashmere leggings. I had forgotten the price tags for their lingerie were high and could be comparable to buying a Macbook air! Oh those beautiful silk underwear...maybe some other time I thought as I touched every smooth silky thing on every rack. There were these undies that stood out because there was a space on the back that exposes your upper butt cheeks which I suppose is for spanking purposes. I didn't leave the store empty handed though. I got me some 'French Lesson' panties that says "Spank Me" and "Eat Me" for $18.75 after discount which is probably the cheapest thing at the sale! There were also some 'Aime moi (Love Me)' panties but that's not dirty enough for me ;). Note that there were only XS sizes left of these panties at the sale but they are stretchy.

Since Sample Sally and some girls covered the prices and details of the sale pretty well, here are just more pics.

Sexy panties

Honeymoon gear

Lace is so pretty.

I would love to sleep in this silk gown
75% off $1195 is....not cheap enough for me :)

Naughty nurse

Aqua is always a good color but not on me

Mmm lace
I really like those bras
You can pay $100+ for barely anything!
I really liked these silk shorts

They were over $1100 at 50% off.

Spank me.
So..dirty..I like it! I'd put this on a cake..
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