Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Lazy Ombre Hair

A new or old hair fad is the 'ombre hair'. Ever heard of it? Here are a collection of a population of ombre hair looks on Tumblr.

I think it trended last year and then it was gone or back, who knows but I definitely read more about it now. When done well, it looks nice but when not, I agree that it does look like somebody was tooooo lazy to get their roots done.

The other day, a teen summer student in the lab commented on my hair on the rare days I let my hair down. "Wow, you're hair is ombre. Did you just get that done?". It took me 2 and a half seconds to process and realize that she was talking about the leftover red/brown hair color from a dye I got almost a year and a half ago. I was sort of embarrassed but answered gracefully with a ...yes! And it took a year to process!

I just looked over some pictures I took over the weekend and I can now clearly see what she was talking about.  I rarely get to see my hair from the back like this.

I really need to dye my hair already or leave it and embrace my new 'OMBRE' look :) Does this count as a DIY?

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