Monday, August 20, 2012

My piece of Garance Doré ... sounds creepy [Garance Doré + Kate Spade collab]

J'adore Garance!

Garance Doré has been one of my favorite bloggers since the beginning of my taking interest in blogging and following bloggers. She not only helps me practice reading French (eh..euh..oui..ah non) but keeps me up-to-date with the latest on the fashion runway during Fashion Weeks all over the world (France, Milan, Miami...). She is my eyes where my body can't go. She's eclectic and funny which makes her blog a great read from her quirky interviews to sharing her fashion favorites.. I feel bad for those who can only read the English version of her blog (which is now fully translated) because it just isn't the same!
Her bf's blog, The Sartorialist, inspires me to be unique and dress as you please and not give a crap what others think. Oh, and I can't believe I missed the chance last week to meet Garance in person at her Kate Spade + Garance Doré cocktail party in Soho for I was traveling in Maine *BIG POUT. But whilst the launch was going on, I devoured the most delicious meal at Fore Street in Portland. YUM. So *small pout.

There are not many collaborations that pokes my interest (half lie) but when I read that Garance Doré was creating adorable prints for Kate Spade, I knew I wanted a piece in any shape or form. 6 months later it finally launched and I quickly browsed the new arrivals through the online store and sadly, the price is not affordable as I would have liked.
I like the blouse, I don't think I'd wear it but I want a piece of it. For me, it's definitely a limited-edition-collector-type of 'want'. The 'Joie de vivre' sweater and 'Pardon my French' are cute but too simple however big statements for those who follow her blog and the 'Pardon My French' videos. I'm glad I picked something I liked but bummed it doesn't have her print on it.

Can you guess what I end up getting?

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