Wednesday, August 15, 2012

nykeiko eats: NYC Restaurant Week 2012-The Mercer Kitchen [Soho]

This post is late because I was on vacation the second week of Restaurant Week. So whaaat!

This past Restaurant Week, we tummy tackled only two new places. 'Park Avenue Summer' is the first one we tried which I somewhat reviewed here (posting pics count as a review right?!) and a last minute decision I don't want to cook tonight before leaving on vacation to go to 'Mercer Kitchen' in Soho. I made the decision 45 minutes before reserving a 6 p.m. table and arrived at the restaurant with zero minutes to spare and almost losing our table. Did you ever have to call a restaurant 15 minutes after your booking time and lie that you were lost and could not find the resto and thus late and adding a few good lines for good measure like standing on Prince and not knowing to go left or right while you're really dashing towards the restaurant? AND turns out the bf had already arrived almost on time and I needed not to do all of that? Well, it may have or may not have worked as the host didn't sound too pleased.

I didn't know what to expect from Mercer Kitchen. I've passed by it more than a gazillion times while shopping in Soho and imagined it filled with fashion industry power lunchers and out-of-towner fashionista staying at the hotel next door. It seemed always busy but that's what happens when you're located in a busy popular intersection which made me unsure if it is ever busy for the good food or convenience.

Overall, the menu selection was small but decent choices for Resto week but since 3 out of 4 of us choose the burger, we didn't get to try the third entree. The normal house menu looks good too and I love the open kitchen concept. I'd go back with an out-of-towner friend that's looking for something good after intense Soho shopping.

Restaurant Week Mercer Kitchen Menu


Green gooey soup

I'd go back for the steamed shrimps salad


The Mercer Burger: Beautiful! But too dry. They didn't even ask us how we would like it cooked.

Grilled free range chicken


Chocolate cake to end the meal

The kitchen


Photos by me and Naoto Kitamura.

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