Wednesday, August 1, 2012

nykeiko eats: NYC Restaurant Week 2012-Park Avenue Summer

This Restaurant Week we tried two new places. 'Park Avenue Summer' is the first one and it was highly recommended by a couple of my colleagues. I was really excited about this one. I'm always excited about restaurants that serve recipes based on seasonal availabilities. You're guaranteed to taste the freshest of the crops. So I learned that 'Park Avenue' not only changes their menu with seasonal transitions but also the entire interior decor.  Subsequently, the name of the restaurant changes too...
The food itself was quite interesting. You can taste every flavor of every ingredient on your plate and there was definitively freshness in everything. 

We were 6 people and therefore got to order a lot of things from the menu and we shared a couple of bites from each other's plates. Surprisingly, the free range chicken was tender and flavorful but not so much can be said about the rest of the entrees. The puree that came with my salmon was not fantastic but I still ate all of it. Someone has a little bit of a 'Windex' taste which is definitely NOT a good thing but it was more like wheat grass taste too which is really not a flavor that everyone can appreciate. My favorites were the appetizers since everything tasted delicious. 

The menu

A nice amuse bouche (watermelons) while we looked over the menu


Muscle and Squid Ink pasta. Spicy and salty.

Crispy soft shell crab

A nice beet (yellow and red) salad


Free Range chicken

Organic salmon

The Trout
Praline parfait with extra crunchie something

The Pana Cotta

Would I recommend this place? Yes but not for Restaurant week although the price is worth it!

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