Friday, August 17, 2012

This weekend I will...

I must blog about it so I won't bail on my to-do list..

1. Make lemonade Popsicle sticks since I bought Popsicle molds in Maine. Don't ask why I bought kitchenware in Maine...
2. Spend time with my big sister and nephew who are visiting NY for the first time since I've moved here for a week!
3. To finally unpack from last week's trip and finish up some laundry
4. Share Maine pictures on my blog
5. Clean apartment!

Seems like a simple to-do list right? I'm simple!

Oh, look what I made today and check out these cool new glasses I got in Montreal! I really didn't know what to do with them but they were on sale but now I'm glad I got them!

When I buy a big bag of lemons, I usually squeeze and drink one lemon per day to compensate for the lack of fruit I eat daily which is none most of the time. I know. Bad. I was really consistent with drinking one lemon per day for more than two months but then stopped because my lemon supplier (a colleague at work who has subscribes to failed to supply me some Meyers lemons on demand. Today, I wanted to jump back into my routine and start with freshly squeezed Sunkist oranges. It's so good. I can't believe I never did this before and actually let D spend $5-6 on a bottle of "freshly" squeezed orange juice. I do need a real juicer though because getting juice from each orange with a lemon reamer took longer than it should- but oh so satisfying to drink the fruit 'juice' of my labor.
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