Thursday, August 30, 2012

When was the last time you pampered yourself? [what to do in ny]

When was the last time you pampered yourself?

My pampering thyself comes and goes.

Some weeks, I'll always have some nail polish on my fingertips and others, like these past 4 weeks if it weren't for the weddings, I have had no time to dab some color on. I am missing it. It instantly makes me feel more feminine especially in my drabby work attire. Side note: I was at a bar behind the NY public library yesterday 'Bryant Park Cafe' and let me tell you how envious I was to see all the men and especially women in their super elegant fashionable designer clothing which they actually get to wear at work in the fancy offices nearby. D says he sees traders wearing Louboutins all the time and I saw about 50 Chanel bags and some were even left on the floor! Anyway...moving on. *Currently wearing my Uniqlo jeans and tank top today hidden under my white lab coat and wearing flats from Taiwan night market. -- I purposely tried to sound boring here.

I'm going to make sure to remove the residual red polish on my big toe (the coat fell off my other toes long ago) and apply a new bright coral red for the weekend! It's the long weekend coming up for Labor Day and BOTH of my sisters will be in town. This has never happened before all three of us in New York city. How exciting..for me anyway! 3 sisters in the apartment is not sure going to be exciting for the bf.

I will be attending an art show on Friday, sister dinners on Saturday and maybe Sunday and attend an US OPEN game on Monday. It will be my first US Open tennis game and we got seats on the lower promenade so I hope we see some good players up close!

Also, next week is the Mercedes Benz NY fashion week and I have no concrete plans...yet. Someone, invite me to a show(s) please? Then there is also Fashion Night Out on September 6 and there are over 200 listed events. Most stores are open later with free booze and DJ! That's crazy! I could go boutique bar hopping and totally get tipsy drunk by the end of the night without spending a penny unless of course I actually shop :)

 I can't believe it's another Fashion week already. 6 months ago, I was here and it was great!

Sachika Fashion show
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