Friday, September 28, 2012

@BoConcept: Free sushi, yoga and massages! [NYC Events]

Lady Gaga art at BoConcept on Madison Ave

On Thursday evening, Lamso and I went to check out a couple of free events happening in the city. First, there was this healthy lifestyle event at BoConcept at 105 Madison Avenue.  There were free vegeterian makis, various choices of refreshments, hula hoops, free yoga classes by Sangha House and  free chair massages.

It's the first time Danish company BoConcept has thrown an event like this and if they do decide to organize another event, I hope they can be a little bit more organized and have a better marketing ploy. We felt lost when we first walked into the store and wasn't even sure what was happening.  I went there specifically for a massage. I needed one. The disappointing part of it was that there was only one masseuse on hand and by the time I  found out about a sign up sheet which suddenly appeared, there were already ten people signed up even if we were one of the first ones to arrive AND had asked about it. I thought I was already waiting in line after telling the masseuse we were next. Anyway...moving on. 

Store owner Niki Cheng was on hand overlooking the spectacle but then changed into some stretchy attire to learn a few moves with the professional yogis. A couple of kids and ladies were hula hooping but I'm not sure if guest knew they could get 'sweaty with it' and join in the fun. I missed the part on RackedNY's post about free yoga classes being offered so we didn't come prepared. Nonetheless, we enjoyed the refreshments, sushis, looking at the human tower yogis and looking at some of the cool furnitures in the store described essentially  as "Affordable luxurious, contemporary and modern furniture and interior decorations". We then moved on to our next event in Chelsea... [to be followed here]

Various refreshments served..

Free Lolë elastic balls, tote bags up for grabs!
Free back rubs

Yoga demo by Sangha House and free classes offered!
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