Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fellow bloggers, lifestyle, street-style bloggers

Garance as shot by Scott Schuman in 'The Sartorialist:Closer'

Fashion, lifestyle, street-style bloggers ...

It is not so rare anymore to meet bloggers here, there, everywhere. In fact, during Fashion week, I randomly met a couple of bloggers and learned about their blogs for the first time which is always delightful. Some are students who write on their spare time but most girls I've met are full time bloggers which allows them to attend many many shows throughout Fashion week. However, when I actually bump into a blogger whom I actually know and follow (not reciprocated unfortunately) I was very excited. Kinda like meeting a celebrity but feeling like I know them already since I sort of know their likes and dislikes, favorite colors, quirks and peeves and whatever they share on their blog. Last year, at a DIY event with Ms Erica Domesek from P.S. I Made This proved that she's one funny babe. There are a couple of bloggers I would still like to meet such as Leandra from The Man Repeller, Nicole from Gary Pepper Vintage but she's located in Australia and Elin Kling from Elin Kling although I'm not sure if she's seem approachable and also lives in the UK. There are many more bloggers I'd like to meet out there but these are the ones I can think of right this moment.

I must mention again that meeting blogosphere celebs like Garance Dore and Scott Schuman at the book signing was also very exciting. I actually saw Scott Schuman after a fashion show at the Mercedes Benz tents and was just as excited to see him again but this time, in his own element (Shoot me please? Scott? Please? I don't have fancy shoes or have a cigarette in my hand but, please take a picture of me?).

As for me, I still feel like a newbie at this and blogging is a hobby and not my full time job. I try to devote as much time as I can since it is sort of my personal space to share with everyone what I like to do.

Kim from Eat.Sleep.Wear.

Here I am with Kim behind the blog 'Eat.Sleep.Wear.'. She describes her outfit here'. As for me, I am wearing:
Top: Wilfred from Aritzia
Belt: Vintage (Found at Hester Street Fair)
Skirt: Kookai pencil skirt
Aquafina water bottle
Argh, I need more accessories! Well, I just need to wear them out more.

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  1. Love the jacket and blue top.