Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Front stage and Backstage at Zang Toi [NYFW Spring 2013]

Backstage to a fashion show is crazy before and after the show. Press, friends and family are allowed backstage after a show but must wait for the models to put on their clothes.

I briefly got a peak backstage before the show and it was chaotic. Models getting hair, nails and makeup done, lots of press and men with big cameras trying not to hit anyone as they shoot as much as they could. Hair spray and face powder coming from every side. I had to contain my smile.

Here are some pics. No naked models.

Marc and Tien
How many celebrities can you recognize? There's Ivana Trump!

Fashion TV host with some Asian beauties including singer Baiyu

Yilin, Elena, Tien, Niki, Ling, Hsini

Lady in the middle asked me to take a picture after...

Cannot forget to show you guys what was in the goodie bags!

Zang Toi exclusive compact eyeshadow

Colors used for the Zang Toi fashion show. Lilac, silver, pink.

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